Rental Policy

  • The driver is responsible for all road traffic fines and violations
  • A valid driving license is required and it must have been issued at least 12 months before the rental
  • There is a minimum age of 21 years.
  • There is No cancellation fee.
  • The vehicle should be returned to the designated place at the date and time specified in the rental contract. In case of delay, our company must be informed in advance. There may be charges.
  • The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel it had when it was collected. There is no credit or refund for unused fuel.
  • Out-of-hours delivery
    • (21:00 - 00:00) there will be a charge of 25.00 €
    • (00:00 - 07:00) there will be a charge of 40.00 €
  • For Pickup and Dropoff in different locations a 40 € charge applies.

    Our Price Includes:

    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):
  • The renter is covered in case of any damage to the rental vehicle (scratches, dents and crystals). ZERO EXCESS IS APPLIED.
  • Third Party Insurance(TPI):
  • This policy covers material damages and bodily injuries against thirds, vehicles and property in the event of an accident that was caused by the renter. It covers damages to property up to 1.220.000€ and bodily injuries against thirds up to 1.220.000€ according to the Greek regulations.
  • Theft Protection(TP):
  • The renter will not be charged in case the rental vehicle is stolen. This policy does not include any stolen personal items.
  • Fire Protection (FP):
  • The renter will not be charged in case of any damage resulting to fire.
Exceptions. The renter is not covered:
  • If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If the driver has violated Road Traffic Rules and Regulations
  • For damages caused by driving on unpaved roads (e.g. Balos)
  • For damages caused to the under body of the car
  • When transporting the vehicle by ferry
  • When carrying people or objects for hire
  • When towing other vehicles or trailers
  • When racing or participating in any contest
  • For loss of personal belongings
  • For accidents or damages caused by a driver not declared in the rental contract
  • For loss or damage of the vehicle key
  • For loss or destruction of Navigation GPS device, child seats